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Published on April 23rd, 2012 | by Sam


There are Giants among us

I had a thought today of the number of geniuses that are just within reach. It reminded me of the great post by Ethan Iverson (at DTM and from the Bad Plus) about a composer in Kalamazoo, MI named Curtis Curtis-Smith.

To all of us at WMU, he was this grand composition teacher, but little more. I took a theory class with him and loved it, it got me to take counterpoint (I think or maybe it was composition). Nothing truly ground breaking here, just a prof that I really enjoyed working with. Little did I know, or any of the other students, that he was a giant in his field. After reading EI’s post, I just had this feeling of ‘there are huge people all around us, everywhere and we don’t even know it!’

I can think of another example of meeting a friend of mine, thinking oh he’s pretty quirky but cool. Later to find out he is such a high level thinker in his field that w consulting appointment with him costs in the thousands, per hour! Or going to coffee with my teacher, Fareed, who is internationally known. The guy at the coffee shop had no idea, neither did the people sitting next to us.

It’s really something when you start to think that there are people all around us that are absolute giants in their fields, but to us look and act like regular people… Because they are!

I think most people saw this on Facebook, but search the story of Joshua Bell at the train station. It will blow you away.

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