Thanks for checking out my ‘store’.  I have released a few eBooks, you can find them each here.  Also you can find out more about both Skype and Custom Video lessons here.


Make sure to check out my books, Chicken Pickin’ and  Blues Language on Amazon!  It’s available as both a paperback and Kindle book.  Learn blues guitar authentically by putting 100+ licks from the masters into your playing.


cover smallChicken Pickin’ – The Vocabulary of the Country Guitar Masters – Learn over 100 licks used by the masters of country guitar, and learn where they go and how to use them.  Includes special bonus backing tracks and audio examples.

cover small
Blues Language – Learn 125 licks from the masters of the blues using my contextual method.  Don’t just learn the licks but learn where they go and how to use them.  Sound like an authentic blues guitarist in no time!

Luther Perkins: I’m All Smiles Tonight – Dive deep into the style of one of country guitar’s greatest players.  Contains both full transcriptions and examples from every aspect of his style.


Take either Skype lessons or ask for a custom video lesson!


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