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I’m glad you’re checking out my site.  I hope you can find some things you’re looking for here.  To help out here are a couple of places to check out first.  If you are looking for anything else please let me know!  Links to get in touch are to your right.  I respond to all email and FB posts, so if you would like to see a lesson or transcription just send me a message.  Thanks for visiting!


Blues Language – A way to apply the licks of the blues masters in context.  Completely new way of approaching blues vocabulary!
Luther Perkins-I’m All Smiles Tonight – An in depth look into Johnny Cash’s guitarist, Luther Perkins.

Jazz Guitar Stuff

Kenny Burrell Blues
Johnny Smith Techniques
4th Voicings from Matt Warnock
Soul Jazz Guitar Licks
Mick Goodrick PDF

Country Guitar Stuff

Albert Lee Licks
Brent Mason Licks
Don Rich Licks
Brad Paisley Licks
19 Chicken Pickin’ Lessons

Blues Guitar Stuff

Albert King Licks
T Bone Walker Licks
Pat Martino Blues


I post one full transcription each month.  Check out my Transcriptions page for the complete list.

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Check out this page for all my must hears and must reads! Recommend



Also look through my categories to find other great lessons.


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