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Published on December 7th, 2011 | by Sam




If you are one of 15 guitarists specializing in standard jazz guitar, you’re in bad shape. If you’re one of 5 specializing in solo jazz standards, you’re better off. If you’re the only one in the state specializing in Thelonious Monk solo guitar playing, guess who has the most intrigue, draw, and opportunity? Guess what else happens? By creating a strong identity in a focused arena you become more intriguing in other areas. So most venues, colleges, high schools, or restaurants aren’t looking for a guitarist to play Monk songs solo. But if you’re business card is that you’re the only one within 300 miles who does what you do, you just might book a few more gigs, get more master class opportunities than if you are one of 15 within 30 miles.

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