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Published on February 28th, 2012 | by Sam


Some Links for 2/28

The day before leap year day… Here are some of the cool things I’ve found recently:

Another Bill Frisell Link!  This time a solo “tiny desk concert” from NPR.  This one is great-he says he needs to learn the music… what??! Jeez he’s really amazing.

I would be a good idea to listen to another NPR concet-tonight-Adam Rogers.  If you haven’t heard him before you’re in for it, he’s an unreal jazz guitarist.

I thought this was a cool country/jazz article about a guitarist I never knew about-Jimmy Wyble.  Thanks for the great stuff Premier Guitar!

The Musician’s Way (a great book and blog) recently posted about the crowded music scene and ways to deal with the feeling that it is can feel overwhelming.

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