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Published on July 2nd, 2012 | by Sam


Pull off Some Brad Paisley Licks

Brad Paisley is one of the current generation’s greatest country guitarists.  His style has influenced a lot of players and has been a great entry point for many guitarists to get into country.  All of his albums have great solos and tunes, so if you get any of them you will find a bunch of great material to use.

One device Brad frequently uses is the triplet pull off or hammer on.  Really, he highlights the triplet rhythm more than most country guitar players.

Here we are going to look at a few of his classic licks using both triplet pull offs and hammer ons.

This is Country Music

This is one of Brad’s most recent hits (as of 6/2012).  The solo is short but sweet.  In the middle of the solo he plays this lick in the key of A.  This is a conventional pull off lick-the lick starts on the beat and pulls off in triplets.  The great thing about this lick is that he puts in the other notes from the A7 chord to really solidify the sound.  This one is in Drop D.

The Best Thing I Had Goin’

This lick is essentially the same as the last one.  The difference is that he splits the pull off figure over the course of a couple beats.  This one can be a little tricky to get the feel, but keep at it.  Once you get it, it just rolls like any of the other pull off licks.

I’ll Take You Back

This is one of Brad’s really fast, drop D, hammer on tunes.  He wrote another with a similar vibe called “Kentucky Jelly” on his Play album.  Make sure to listen to this one to get the feel.  The 5th fret notes on the A string and the open D string notes can be a little confusing, but with some practice and listening you will get it.

This is really just one part of Brad’s enormous guitar-bag.  He’s got so many tricks and licks up his sleeves it is just staggering.  But dive right into his playing, you will definitely be rewarded!

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