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Published on April 5th, 2012 | by Sam


New Transcription-Brent Mason Hot Wired

Brent Mason “Hot Wired” Transcription

I’ve just uploaded a new transcription for you all to check out.  The king of Chicken Pickin’-Brent Mason – Hot Wired” his instrumental cult hit.  Tons of licks in this great solo to digest-be sure to check it out.  Let me know what you think below and be sure to share with any chicken Pickin’ fans.  Check out more Brent Mason licks in this article.

Each month or so I publish a transcription from my collection.  This one will give just a ton of licks that you can use to increase your chicken pickin’ vocabulary.  Start this one out slowly to get the phrases under your fingers, but make sure that you start bumping up the speed pretty quickly.  This is one tune where you will have to make a pretty big jump in tempo, you probably won’t get there by just inching the metronome up a few counts every few days.

One technique that Brent uses extremely well in this song is pulloffs.  Normally players feel that pull offs are pretty routine, but in the hands of a master like Brent Mason they become sublime.

Brent Mason Hot Wired

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