Luther Perkins I’m All Smiles Tonight eBook

Luther Perkins: I’m All Smiles Tonight

Luther Perkins was one of the first masters of electric country guitar.  He has remained an influence on countless guitarists throughout the decades.

This book is a detailed look into the guitar style of the country master.

I was invited a couple of years ago to play in a band that played mostly Johnny Cash tunes.  Of course I dove right into the style of Luther Perkins.  He’s an incredibly unique guitarist who helped to pioneer the ‘down low’ solos.  His style grows out of the Mama Maybelle Carter style of playing melodic solos in the lower register, but Luther does it in a rockabilly/country setting on the electric guitar.  He was also one of the forefathers of chicken pickin’ guitar with his staccato lines and choked notes.  Go much deeper into his style and get into one of the greats of country guitar.

Here is what is covered in Luther Perkins: I’m All Smiles Tonight

  • Biography
  • Gear
  • Accompaniment Style
  • Transcriptions
  • Discography
  • “YouTube-ography” – listing of known Luther Perkins videos

You Receive

  • A printable PDF file of the eBook that can also be viewed on E-Readers
  • 70+ pages of great blues material


Playing of Luther Perkins: I’m All Smiles Tonight is priced at only $8.99 2.99!!

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4 Responses to Luther Perkins I’m All Smiles Tonight eBook

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  2. Peter Glasgow says:

    The Luther Perkins book looks great! But when I try to order it, I’m billed for US$8.99 rather than the discount price of 2.99. Will you be updating your Checkout page to reflect this discount?

  3. Matt says:

    I’m interested in purchasing this book. I was wondering if it will work in iBooks on my phone or if I will have to download the Kindle app?

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