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Have you had a tough time finding a really high quality guitar teacher in your area?  Or maybe you just need another perspective.

It’s tough to find really knowledgeable, experienced teachers.  Sometimes it’s tough to find a schedule that works for both sides.  Finding someone who can show you the ins and outs of American Roots music, jazz, and country can be downright scary outside of the US!

My motto is ‘Taking you to the source.’  Sure, you might have to work on a few scales or theory topics, but I’m all about getting you direct access with the artists’ actual licks and recordings.

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Learn with Online Guitar Lessons

Sure, there are a ton of free and print materials out there.  But sometimes it still is difficult to navigate – not to mention finding where to start.  That’s why it’s important to find a teacher who can skillfully guide you through the process.

Meet Your Goals

I can help you meet your musical goals plain and simple.  Whether it’s learning to play chicken pickin’ parts in your band, get into Juilliard School of Music, or just understand how to create solos, I can get you there.  My students have attended some of the country’s finest music conservatories, played tons of gigs, and been featured in national commercials playing guitar.  Some even get the courage to play in front of a group for the first time – an equally impressive achievement!


Skype Lessons– One on One lesson with me.  We will work on any topic you like.  The beauty of Skype Lessons is the flexibility.  It can be at any convienient time for you and from your own home!  (Please wear pants though!)  We will have an email exchange to get a feel for what you would like to work on.  After the lesson I will send you a PDF of any materials that we worked on (music, licks, scales, chord diagrams, etc), and backing tracks where applicable.

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Custom Video- A custom video lesson is a lesson on any specific topic you choose.  In this option, we will discuss a topic, then I will create a video (or series of videos) that only you can access on YouTube.   You will also receive a PDF file with any musical examples or diagrams that are discussed.  This is a great way to learn if you like to review lessons frequently – the lesson will stay on YouTube forever!   You will also receive free support with the video-if you have any questions feel free to email me and I will respond to help you get the most from your video.  Satisfaction is guaranteed!   If you feel that the lesson does not answer your question I will redo it or refund your money.*  I also will not try to make a video if you ask about a topic that I don’t feel like an expert on.  I want to provide you with the best service I possibly can.

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What Others are Saying

  • I would highly recommend a custom video lesson with Sam for anyone wanting to break through to the next level in their guitar playing. They are comprehensive and extremely helpful. He is truly a master of the instrument and it shows in his teaching… I would highly recommend your personal video lessons (as well as your site) to anyone. Thanks for everything Sam!
    -Jeremy B.
  • I applaud your effort. Your approach is very interesting, as I get to play around with both country and jazz music and you’ve got me real interested in how you meld to two styles. Keep ’em coming.
    Anthony G.
  • Actually got using inversions to spice up chord playing, Autumn Leaves.
    -Frank H.
  • Having started lessons in Chicago, I’m glad we could continue after moving away!
    -Amber S. 

About Me

I have had a very interesting musical journey.  I started out in high school learning as much jazz as I possibly could-from transcribing Wes Montgomery and Clifford Brown to playing in every ensemble I could find.  After finishing college I began to develop an interest in country and roots music, to the point of devoting all my spare time studying and playing the different styles.  Now I fuse the two things together along with my love of Americana and roots music to my own blend, but with an extensive background in all of these styles.

I currently teach guitar at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana.   I’ve been featured in the magazines Just Jazz Guitar, Making Music, and Mel Bay Sessions, along with featured guest posts on Matt Warnock Guitar and Jamie Holroyd Guitar.

How to Sign Up

I’m really glad you’re interested.  Your next step is to contact me via email.  If you have topics in mind, that’s great.   If you don’t, email me anyway – we can work together to establish goals and craft a plan.

Wait, there’s More!!

Of course there is!  As a private student or custom lesson student, you will receive a code for 10% off all books I publish on my site!  EVEN IF YOU ONLY TAKE ONE LESSON!!

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*refund minus any PayPal charges incurred


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