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I posed a question on Twitter recently to find some more recommendations from fellow guitar teachers and bloggers.  I left it pretty open ended:

What books would you buy for a student if you were spending $200 on Amazon (or £120)?

It was purposely left opened ended.  Some picked books for their genre, others picked books that worked for all guitarists.  So check out these suggestions!

Matt Warnock Guitar – Jazz –


The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick,

Jazz Chord Solos by Joe Pass

Chord Chemistry by Ted Greene

All of the Barry Galbraith books, especially the comping and Bach Etudes books.

David Hart – G4Guitar – More Jazz – @g4guitar

Mickey Baker – Jazz Guitar

William Leavitt – Modern Method for Guitar

John Brimhall – Theory Books 1 -3

The Real Book

Ike Isaacs – Jazz Guitar School

Richard Callaghan – Classical/All –


Jamie Andreas – Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar

Troy Stetina – Fretboard Mastery

Robert Greene – Mastery

Tom Kolb – Music Theory


Scott Tennant – Pumping Nylon

Barry Green – Inner Game of Music

Victor Wooten – The Music Lesson

Kenny Werner – Effortless Mastery

Music Reading for Guitar, Musicians Institute

Dan Sandman – A Little of Everything – @dansandmanmusic

Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

Metallica – Black Album TAB book

The Guitar Handbook – Ralph Deyner

Tom Kolb – Music Theory

David Oakes – Music Reading for the Guitar

Renaissance Guitar – Frederick Noad

Chord Wheel

Little Black Songbook of Folk Songs

If you write for a guitar blog and have suggestions, please let me know!  I’d be happy to include your suggestions and link to your site. Contact me here or use the link to send me an email.

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