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Don Rich Licks 2

Don Rich Licks Part 2

Don Rich is an icon of chicken pickin’. In this lesson we’ll look at some Don Rich licks that really helped put him on the chicken pickin’ map. All of these are taken from the album I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail. Again, make sure to use a telecaster and very clean tone.

Wham Bam

This first lick is a great end to the intro on Wham Bam. It’s in Ab, but could be transposed easily to any key. It’s based on the “F chord shape” so wherever you move that shape, the lick would fit.

Don Rich Licks

Don Rich starts out his solo with this great chromatic chicken pickin’ lick. The idea is chromatically moving from the 3rd to the 5th of the chord (Ab in this case). Make sure to get the deadened notes between the main notes – that’s where the chicken pickin’ sound comes from!

Don Rich Licks

Lick number 3 is very similar to the first lick, but moved up an octave. This also shows us a great way to change fingerings when working with vocabulary.

Don Rich Licks

Fallin For You

In Fallin’ For You, Don Rich pulls out a ton of great licks. The first one from that song happens at the beginning of his solo. The song is in the key of E, but this lick happens over a B chord, the V moving to I. It starts with a clear B chord fifth and quickly gets into the blues scale.

Don Rich Licks

The final lick we’ll check it out another B to E move. This time again it’s coming from the blues scale. Check out the final F# note bend. This is very reminiscent oh Johnny Cash guitarist, Luther Perkins.

Don Rich Licks

Don Rich played a huge roll in creating the chicken pickin’ style playing with Buck Owens. If you would to find some more Don Rich licks, check out my first article on Don Rich here.

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