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Published on June 11th, 2012 | by Sam


Doc Watson Black Mountain Rag

Doc Watson was one of the best guitarists in the 20th century, bar none. He was an exceptional bluegrass player, a great vocalist, and amazing Americana Stylist. He brought joy to everything he recorded.

In tribute to the great Doc Watson I am publishing my transcription of Black Mountain Rag-one of his signature tunes. Download the PDF below.

Black Mountain Rag
YouTube Preview Image
I remember reading (I forget where) that Doc was a part of the triumvirate including Chet Atkins and Merle Travis as the main influencers in the 20th century. I might put Charlie Christian in there as well, but the idea is that Doc was a monster. His loss is a huge on in the world of the guitar. Stay tuned as I transcribed this as a part of a comparison study of Doc, Chet, and Clarence White.

What are some of your favorite Doc Watson tunes?


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  1. John Dunstan says:

    Learning Docs Guitar and am up to about 50 percent speed compared with him, but any faster and it’s all goes wrong!

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