Chicken Pickin' Brent Mason Intro

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Must Know Brent Mason Intro

Brent Mason has done some really incredible work on Alan Jackson’s recordings.  If you want to become a great chicken picker you could do worse than to start checking out all of Brent’s work with Alan Jackson.  This Brent Mason intro is a great chicken pickin lick that he plays on “Who’s Cheatin Who” from the album Everything I Love.  This is one of the great Brent Mason intros, but make sure to check out the other transcriptions and lessons on his work.  The album is full of great chicken pickin licks, so make sure to check the whole thing out.

Brent Mason Intro – Who’s Cheatin’ Who

This tune is in the key of G.  This intro is sort of a chicken pickin version of the shuffle rhythm you probably learned in your first month on the guitar – you know with the open E string and alternating 2nd and 4th frets on the A string.  Here we are using the same idea, but on the middle two strings.  The G remains open, similar to a pedal tone.  The D string starts open (the 5th of the chord), then moves up to the 2nd, and 3rd frets (6th and b7 of the chord).  The low G note is played between each of the double stop ‘chords.’

One of the most difficult parts of this lick is to play the open string double stop on the and after 4 – the offbeat.  Traditionally this type of rhythm figure is played on the down beats, but Brent Mason mixes it up here by placing those notes on the offbeat.  Take this slowly to get the feel of it first.  Then try to speed it up.  You’ll have to have a time of going for it – just go for the higher speed.  You might make mistakes but that’s the only way to really get the feel down.

The last measure of the figure is also very cool.  He uses the flat 3rd of the chord and a nice pull off figure on beat three down to the 5th of the chord.

This figure is a very cool one in G, and hopefully you can move the idea around to other keys.  It would be pretty tough to move the actual fingering around, but the idea can be transferred.

 whos cheatin who intro

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