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Brent Mason Hot Wired Second Solo

“>Brent Mason Hot Wired Second Solo Brent Mason Hot Wired

We all know about Brent Mason’s chicken pickin’ wizardry by now. One of the tunes that clearly cemented his place in the pantheon of chicken pickers was the tune Hot Wired from the album of the same name. Hot Wired had been out of print for years, but now Amazon (and others) have it as a download… great news!

I have several articles here on Brent Mason, and the transcription of his first solo. This transcription is from his second solo on the tune. This one gets into some more of Brent’s jazz leanings, but still stays right in the chicken pickin’ vein.

Scale Choices – Brent Mason Hot Wired

Much of this solo is based on the hybrid, minor pentatonic and mixolydian scales, which gives it the chicken pickin’ flavor as well. The ‘hybrid’ scale is basically R 2 b3 3 4 #4 5 6 b7, but isn’t really played as a ‘scale’ but more used as a collection of notes to pull from.

Techniques – Brent Mason Hot Wired

Check out the 5th and 6th bars from some great chromatic pull off licks. In both cases he is using a very ‘guitar-istic’ approach of pulling off to open strings while moving up one fret at a time. Bars 19 and 20 have a very cool arpeggio figure. “Hot Wired” is very fast, so this phrase will probably have to be played using ‘hybrid’ picking.

The solo has a lot of pulling off to open strings in general, so be sure to check out how Mason handles these. This works really well in this key (A) because the open strings are all in the key.

There are a ton of licks you can pull here to add to your vocabulary. These are also very standard licks, so don’t be afraid to put them into your vocabulary!

One final note, the solo is notated in standard pitch. There are rumors that Brent played the tune and then sped it up to reach the key of Bb, but I think it’s just as likely that he used a capo for the recording.

Hot Wired (2nd Solo) (downloadable PDF transcription)

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