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Published on November 15th, 2012 | by Sam


Brad Paisley-All I Wanted

Brad Paisley has played some of the best country solos on record-and one of the coolest things is that he can say so much in a short pop song solo.  In this solo Brad uses all kinds of chicken pickin’ techniques, like oblique string bending, pull offs, and quacky dead notes.

One note on the transcription overall:  He plays a G in bar 3 that is bent up a whole step.  He uses a G-Bender (Brad doesn’t use B Benders but does use a custom built G bender) for that bend, but I wrote it using a standard guitar.  You could either bend the D string as I have it written, or try bending behind the nut.


Brad Paisley-All I Wanted (downloadable)


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