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Published on February 27th, 2012 | by Sam


Bird With Lennie Tristano

After listening to Charlie Parker with Lennie Tristano on all of me, he’s so laid back, just systematically taking the tune apart, but with very little emotion. This¬†is probably¬†exactly what Tristano was talking about with the whole feeling vs emotion that he talked about so much.

Strikes me as someone who is not proving anything, just speaking through his horn. A pure expression of bebop with very little of that fiery ness that can sometimes get associated with bird. Maybe it was actually Tristano’s influence on bird.

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4 Responses to Bird With Lennie Tristano

  1. Dave Frank says:

    Thanks for the Lennie article, you might enjoy this new Lennie master class, free:


    Blessings and keep swingin!
    Dave Frank

    • Sam says:

      Dave I’ve see this before when doing research for a Tristano project. Great work man, I feel humbled that a big time Tristano-ite like you has read my work!

      I love studying lennies stuff and it’s great to find like minded people as well.

  2. Dave Frank says:

    If interested you can find 13 master classes here, Oscar, Bill, Zappa, Liberace, others..no commercial interruption haha:


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