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Published on February 5th, 2012 | by Sam


True Bypass

I’ve been thinking about ‘True Bypass’ effects a little bit lately. The whole thing has stuck with me because of seeing some of the greats with Boss pedals other boards. Most effects junkies will not use those since they are not true bypass, there’s a buffer Andy there’s electronics that work with the switch instead of using a mechanical switch.

But silly enough the boutique makers make buffers. So what’s the point of having a bunch of true bypass effects with a buffer? Or whats the point of forgoing buffered effects just to put a buffer in the signal? Then to go even further, what is tone purity anyway? Electric guitar is not ‘pure’. It’s electric. I understand minimalism but that’s not the same as purity. The whole concept of electric music is that a tiny sound is getting amplified by electronics. Really if you hear pure tone, it sounds awful.

Just food for thought. How do you navigate true bypass/tone purity?

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